Russia now blocked access to the world’s most popular chess site – Sports also reports on its website about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian online censorship has now hit the world’s most popular chess site, says Russian television authority Roscomnadzor shut down the site over the weekend.

Russia’s war censorship has hit many websites in the past, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amnesty and the BBC.

According to, Roscomnadzor was to close the “On The Invasion of Ukraine” and “Ukrainian Chess Players In Times Of War” sections of the chess site, but because uses a secure https connection, Roscomnadzor could not close the subpages alone. That is why it shut down the whole of in Russia.

These sub-sites report on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the situation of Ukrainian chess players during the war.

Completely Russia has not been able to block access to’s services, as the application on the site still works. In addition, a vpn connection can bypass web censorship. announces that it will not stop reporting on Russia’s hostilities on its site.

“We reaffirm our strong condemnation of the Russian government’s war of aggression against Ukraine and will continue to publish related content,” the site said in a statement. was founded by Erik Allebest and Jarom Severson in 2007. Headquartered in California, USA. It is estimated that more than ten million chess games are played on the site every day.

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