How to put together a team when out of seven midfielders, Krovinović is the only one who is completely healthy and ready?

Hajduk has seven midfielders among the seniors, but only Filip Krovinović is safe on the list of those who will play against Hrvatski dragovoljac today. Due to the third yellow card, Marco Fossati is skipped due to death in the family of Emir Sahiti, while injuries plague Josip Vukovic, Jani Atanasov and Lukas Grgic, who is closest to returning to the field, but it is questionable how ready he is after the break. Seventh is Rokas Pukštas, who could make his debut, but only if Hajduk do not decide to spare him the effort and save him for Saturday’s junior league derby with Dinamo.

When Stipe Biuk, who is also suspended due to a third card, and Jan Mlakar, who injured a muscle, are added to the list of midfielders, it is clear that Valdas Dambrauskas will again have to resort to some firefighting solutions or improvisations such as moving David Colina or Nikola Katic to the decimated midfield. . And in a situation where the imperative of victory is before him. No matter what anyone thinks about it, as long as there are theoretical chances to win the championship, Hajduk will not give up, so they will chase the victory against Hrvatski dragovoljac, in order to keep the minimum chances, if by some chance Dinamo and Osijek fail.

One of the reasons for optimism among Hajduk supporters on the eve of today’s match is the return of Marko Livaja, but the best player and scorer of the league also dropped out of goal-scoring form. After scoring a hat trick in the last match with Hrvatski dragovoljac, in the next nine rounds he scored only for Rijeka. In March and April – not once!

– Some players are seen on the field only when they score a goal, but Marko is not that player. It’s fantastic how much he makes all his teammates better. And not only that, we used to be criticized for only Livaja scoring and depending only on him, and now you are criticizing us for not scoring Livaja, and we have won some games without his goals. Livaja is more than a scorer, and when he doesn’t score, his appearance on the field raises the team to a higher level – said Dambrauskas, who, at least he claims, has already forgotten the match in Koprivnica and turned to Hrvatski dragovoljac. got a chance.

– We are very disappointed with the outcome of the last game, but unfortunately we cannot change that anymore. There are a lot of reasons why she ended up like that, but now it’s behind us, we came home, trained well, and I believe we will be at the level we want to be. We will fight as long as we have theoretical chances. We know that not everything is in our hands for a long time, we have to concentrate on every next game, and every player who plays will have to do his best. In the last game we improvised in the midfield, and not only in that line, today is a new game, and again we will look for the best players, who will play to win.

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