The “Aleksandar Aca Petrović” athletic stadium was opened in Ćuprija today with the first athletic rally “Memorial Vera Nikolić”.

The stadium has eight lanes on a polyurethane track, a surface for all weather conditions, made of special red polyurethane on asphalt, resistant to wear, temperature oscillations, sprinters and UV radiation.

The construction of the stadium, which cost over 135 million dinars, was financed by the municipality of Cuprija. It is part of the Athletic Center of Serbia with a hall worth 500,000,000 dinars and will be the base for the preparations of world athletes in 2022, when Serbia hosts the World Athletics Championships. The hall will be financed by the Government of Serbia and the Athletics Federation of Serbia.

The director of the Athletics Federation of Serbia, Slobodan Brankovic, said that the opening of this stadium is a great thing for the development of Serbian athletics.

“Ćuprija is a city that is synonymous with athletics in our country and in Europe. The number of European champions, the world record holder the late Vera Nikolić, everything that Aleksandar Petrović did and is doing now Dragan Zdravković indicates that this is the right move and that we are “What is still missing for Ćuprija to become a real athletics center is the athletics hall and it is important that it is done in the next period of time, because the children of this region deserve it,” said Branković.

The President of the Municipal Assembly of Ćuprija, Ninoslav Erić, stated that the construction of the athletic stadium is the realization of the dream of the greatest Ćuprija athletes.

“Athletics is a basic sport and it is important for us to develop athletics. We have fulfilled the obligation we had towards our champions, and we hope that Ćuprija will have new European and world champions,” said Erić.

Former athlete and vice.president of ASS, Snezana Pajkić from Ćuprija, said that this capital facility is important not only for the citizens of Ćuprija, but also for the citizens of Serbia.

“I hope that we will frame this project with the construction of an athletics hall and that we will gather athletes from the region and organize big competitions. It is a pity that Aleksandar Petrovic and Vera Nikolic did not welcome this magnificent stadium. I would invite parents and children to come to the stadium. they are involved in athletics because athletics is the queen of sports. Investing in athletics is investing in the health of a nation, “said Snezana Pajkic.

The selector of the athletic national team, Edin Zuković, stated that the construction of the stadium is just the beginning of what awaits Ćuprija, and that is the construction of the athletics hall.

“It will be one of the most beautiful athletic complexes in Serbia and the Balkans. What is important is that it bears the name of the most trophy.winning coach of Serbia and the old Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Petrovic. I sincerely hope that Dragan Zdravkovic and Snezana Jovanovic will be able to find many more such competitors. will win medals around the world, “Zukovic said.

He added that this stadium meets all the conditions for the organization of European and world championships.

Former athlete Marcel Vucetic said that it is incredible that a stadium like this was built with such speed.

“Ćuprija used to be the center of athletics in Yugoslavia. I first heard about Ćuprija when Vera Nikolić became European champion and world record holder. I mix sad and happy emotions, sad because Vera did not live to see this and happy because she is two months old. after the death of Vera Nikolić, he made a memorial and that is really fantastic “, said Vučetić.

The guests at the ceremony were also members of the family of Vera Nikolić Ćasić.

800, 1,500 and 3,000 meter races were held at the memorial. The first place in the women’s competition in the 800 meters was won by Marija Stambolić from KLA Belgrade, and in the men’s competition by Elzan Bibić from Novi Pazar.

Marsela Gudić from Croatia won the women’s 1,500 meters and Miloš Malešević from Inđija won the 3,000 meters.


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