Hertha BSC: Felix Magath goes for Bayern!

1:1 against Bielefeld – Hertha is not yet saved after the late draw.

But after the game, Hertha coach Felix Magath (68) didn’t quarrel with the game of his own team, but the coach leathered against the German champions!

What made Magath upset: Bayern’s embarrassing appearance at the 1: 3 bankruptcy in Mainz.

Magath spoke to the Sky broadcaster about the situation in the bottom of the table in the Bundesliga. “The situation is currently between Stuttgart, Bielefeld and us…”, the coach began.

Then Magath explained: “What can you say about that: Bayern are champions – I don’t know if he has stopped playing. I only have the result from Mainz. I have no more. I don’t know how it came about. It’s not nice.”

Probable background to the attack: Bayern will play against Hertha competitor Stuttgart next Sunday (5:30 p.m.)

Magath: “I don’t know if that’s increasing the pressure on Bayern. There is still something at stake for all teams until the last matchday. I don’t know how a team can say: for us the season doesn’t go to the end, we end three weeks beforehand. This does not serve the Bundesliga and not the competition. … I wasn’t there either.”

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