Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won today’s Formula 1 race for the Belgian Grand Prix, although there was no race due to bad weather conditions.

Verstappen had a pole position in Belgium, ahead of George Russell from Williams, who achieved his first podium finish in his career today, and the current world champion Luis Hamilton from Mercedes.

The race was supposed to start at 3 pm, but on several occasions the start was postponed due to heavy rain and extremely bad weather conditions.

The warm-up round started at 15.25, and five minutes later it was decided to postpone the start.

According to the rules, the race can last for three hours from the planned start, but the directorate stopped measuring the time at one point, in order to allow drivers at least one hour of racing.

Meanwhile, the Red Bull team repaired Sergio Perez’s car, which was previously damaged by the Mexican driver when entering the track, so the race management allowed him to participate. He started from boxing.

The drivers started behind the security vehicles, Verstappen led, ahead of Russell and Hamilton.

They drove two laps behind the “safety car”, and then the red flag was raised again, so all the drivers went to the pits.

As the weather conditions did not improve, it was decided to stop the race.

Verstappen thus achieved the 16th victory in his career, and the sixth in the season.

The drivers got half of the predicted number of points, 12.5 points for Verstappen, Russell got nine, and Hamilton 7.5 points.

McLaren driver Daniel Ricardo won six, Sebastian Vettel from Aston Martin five, and Pierre Gasley from Alpha Tauri four points. Alpina driver Esteban Okon won three points, Charles Leclerc from Ferrari two points, Nicolas Latifi from Williams one point, and tenth-placed Carlos Sainc from Ferrari half a point.

Hamilton kept the advantage in the general classification and now has three points more than Verstappen.

The next race will take place on Sunday in the Netherlands.

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