Erriyon Knighton ran the fourth fastest ever at 200 meters

The score of 19.49 is a world record for those under 20 years of age.

The United States 18 years old Erriyon Knighton ran 200 meters in the 19.49 LSU Invitational at Baton Rouge, USA, BBC like many other media.

A video of the run posted on Youtube can be found from here.

The result is a world record for under-20s and the eighth best 200-meter result ever.

Only three men have run two hundred yards faster than Knight. Usain Bolt (world record 19.19), Yohan Blake (19.26) and Michael Johnson (19,32) are the only runners to complete half the lap faster than Knighton.

The last time faster than Knight has been clocked by Bolt in the summer 2012 Olympic finals.

Knighton also held the previous world record for under-20s at 19.84.

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