Berliners also lose the second leg against VfB: The U17s from Hertha BSC fail in the semifinals

Suffering and suffering were close together for the Hertha BSC U-17s on Sunday afternoon. On the one hand, the ball landed on the post of the Stuttgart goal when the score was 0-0, and the second leg of the semi-final for the German championship had hardly been interrupted after Hertha’s offensive player Pepe Mendes had a chance when there was the next bad news for the Berliners .

In his own half, Noel Aseko Nkili was on the grass. He injured his ankle and couldn’t continue playing.

Aseko Nkili, 16, limped off the field. He buried his face in the crook of his arm and fought back tears. It was all a bit too much, not just for him, but for the entire team. Hertha’s U17s, who were in a class of their own in their season, who had come through the season unbeaten and had dominated their competition almost at will, found their champion on Sunday.

After the 1-0 loss in the first leg during the week, coach Oliver Reiß’s team had to admit defeat to VfB Stuttgart on their own pitch. In front of 1510 spectators in the amateur stadium on the Olympic site, it was 2:1 (0:0) for the guests. While Hertha missed out on their first appearance in a final since 2013, VfB will face FC Schalke 04 in the final next weekend, who in turn beat Fortuna Düsseldorf (3-0/3-1).

Hertha BSC was very unlucky

“The bottom line is that it’s well deserved,” said Reiß. A lot had come together for his team in both encounters. In Stuttgart, Hertha’s captain Pascal Klemens saw the red card shortly before the end and missed the second leg as a result. In Berlin, VfB took the lead with a penalty after Leander Popp wrestled his opponent Benjamin Boakye to the ground in a corner kick that wasn’t actually a corner kick.

Above all, Aseko Nkili, who represented Klemens in central defense and had to leave the field after 15 minutes, was missing.

“That played into it nasty,” said Reiß. “I don’t want to say that he is our most important player, but he is definitely a very important one.” So important that FC Bayern Munich was recently said to be interested in signing the defensive midfielder, who has amazing game intelligence has. “He is one of many who are being hunted,” said Pablo Thiam, Hertha’s youth director. “That’s the business today.”

However, Aseko Nkili once again stands out from Hertha’s U 17 with a wealth of talent. His early failure “certainly didn’t give the team a push, but made them a little unsure again,” said Oliver Reiß.

After a good initial phase by Berliners, VfB got into the game better and better. “Stuttgart managed to boldly bring their idea of ​​football to the pitch,” said Hertha’s coach. “We didn’t succeed. We didn’t have the self-confidence we used to, especially when we were in possession of the ball.”

There is still the U19

Shortly after the break, VfB decided the matter in their favor with a double strike from Laurin Ulrich. The Stuttgart midfielder first converted the penalty kick to make it 1-0, then just four minutes later he made it 2-0 after Hertha goalkeeper Tim Goller was able to clear Boakye. Ibrahim Maza’s goal in the last minute of normal time came too late for Hertha.

Stuttgart’s victory and entry into the final were never seriously threatened. On the contrary: VfB had enough chances to extend their lead.

“You had the chances,” said Oliver Reiß, looking at the dominant early phase of his team. “But it wasn’t just because of us, it was also because of a strong opponent.”

The Hertha youth still have a chance: with the U19s, who also qualified for the semi-finals of the German championship at the weekend. On May 6th and 14th, the team of outgoing head coach Michael Hartmann meets FC Augsburg.

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