A big celebration was recorded in Bnei Sakhnin’s locker room at the end of last night’s (Sunday) game against Maccabi Tel Aviv, in which the local team defeated the runner-up 1: 3. Sharon Mimar’s team wanted to start the season in a positive way and throughout the last week they talked about being able and good enough to beat the Yellows: “We really built a very good team,” said a source in the management of Bnei Sakhnin. “We want to get to the top and for that to happen we have to face the big ones as well and we are happy we did that.”

Sakhnin also praised Sharon Mimar and the procurement players he brought, especially in the link squad: “We have one of the best field centers in the league,” said a player in the team, “When you have Kabha, Ihab Ghanaim and Kiel in the link, you can do a lot of beautiful things.”

The team is very disappointed that the national team break is coming right now and is convinced that the victory over Maccabi Tel Aviv could have led to excellent momentum and many victories in the near future.

Celebrating, but not wanting to get into euphoria. Bnei Sakhnin players | Maor Alexelsi

Despite the celebrations, the professional team will lower the players to the ground in order not to get into euphoria: “It is very important that we have our feet on the ground,” said a source in the professional team. “This is an important victory that gives confidence for the future, but we must continue with the same level of aggression in games against smaller teams than Maccabi Tel Aviv.”

The team is still trying to sign acquisition players, when there is optimism about the chances that Guy Melamed will join. Sakhnin claims that there is significant progress in negotiations with the striker and hopes that in the coming days he will join the squad. In Sakhnin, they will try to train Anthony Varen as soon as possible, but he is in great doubt for the game against Maccabi Haifa.

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