Adv. Ben.Zion Bayer, one of the greatest athletes in Israel, passed away yesterday (Sunday) at the age of 85. Bayer became famous mainly during his time as a goalkeeper for Bnei Yehuda in the 1960s, but also excelled in the handball industry and played for Maccabi Ramat Gan and the Israeli national team.

Bayer himself even said in an interview in 2003 that he was crowned in the Israeli edition of the Guinness Book of Records as a man who dealt with the most sports at the national team and first division – five branches to be exact. He also competed in dominoes, athletics, fencing, rugby and was also a swimmer.

Bayer came to Bnei Yehuda from Maccabi Ramat Gan in the 1960/61 season and played there for five seasons. The late Yaakov Grundman described it this way: “He would take out a goalkeeper ball in his hand and would be accurate even in a 50.meter shot.“

In his profession as a lawyer, Bayer represented the club from the Hatikva neighborhood during the Sulami family period as a legal advisor and a member of the audit committee. For years he also served as the lawyer for the striker Alon Mizrahi.

Ben Zion Bayar former Bnei Yehuda goalkeeper | Courtesy of the family

Yoram Orenstein, former Bnei Yehuda captain and one of the leaders of the Hapoel Center today, paid tribute to Bayer: “Ben Zion was connected in his soul to sports, he participated in many sports and Bnei Yehuda flowed in his veins until his last day. Equal. May his memory be blessed. “

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