Ronnie O’Sullivan rises to the surface after the World Championship gold snooker gold is confirmed – the judge also got under the champion’s stick for a moment – Sports

The 46-year-old Englishman won the championship for the seventh time.

Snooker The World Cup final became English on Monday Ronnie O’Sullivan party. O’Sullivan won the final Judd Trumpin excellent 18-13 at the World Cup at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield.

When the championship was secured, O’Sullivan and Trump hugged O’Sullivan’s tears of victory for a long time and often afterwards. Even small vents were seen.

O’Sullivan got up now Stephen Hendryn alongside the number of World Cup wins. Both now have seven world championships.

“We can split the championships for a year,” O’Sullivan laughed at the audience after the World Cup final.

At age 46, O’Sullivan is the oldest world snooker champion. The 34-year-old Trump has one world championship.

The World Cup final was played on Sunday and Monday. Trump rose in the first session of Monday to still fight for the championship, rising to 11-14, but in the final session of Monday night, O’Sullivan was stronger again.

O’Sullivan won £ 500,000 for the championship.

In the World Cup final experienced a special moment in the 19th installment. Referee Olivier Martell tried to check the position of the white ball, but O’Sullivan didn’t slip out of his place at the table and didn’t even move his stick away. That’s why Martell had to squat under O’Sullivan’s stick.

“Can I look, please,” Martell told O’Sullivan.

The World Cup also set a new record of hundreds after the tournament was played at Crucible. A total of 109 out of a hundred, or at least 100 points, breaks were made in the tournament, which occurs when a player bags a hundred points or more in a single turn.

The 109th was born in the second to final of the final when Trump scored 109 points.

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