VfL Wolfsburg: “Not satisfied!” VW boss Herbert Diess puts pressure on

The annual investment that Volkswagen AG, as the parent company, puts into the subsidiary VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH is between 70 and 75 million euros. Since 2011, the group and the club have been bound to each other by the so-called “Domination and Profit and Loss Transfer Agreement”.

As a result, balance sheet losses of VfL are borne by VW, balance sheet profits have to be transferred to Volkswagen by the soccer subsidiary. now has itself Herbert Diess (63), who has been CEO of Volkswagen AG since April 2018, publicly commented on VfL Wolfsburg and the lack of success this season.

“I am not satisfied”

Diess presented himself at the event initiated by the Wolfsburg daily newspapers “Wolfsburger Nachrichten” and “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung”. “Dialogue with Diess” including sporting issues.

He spoke with great joy about the Bundesliga women at VfL Wolfsburg: “That is the ray of hope.” However, he is critical of the performances of the VfL men, who have crashed into the basement in the current season after fourth place in the 2020/21 season are.

Diess: “I stand behind the football commitment. We should have a team that plays in the Bundesliga and plays successfully. But I’m not satisfied because we have a very expensive team. Our club is one of the best equipped in Germany. I think the performances are too weak for that.”

His conclusion on the financial input and sporting output in this Bundesliga season: “One has to say that we can have the expectation that if we spend a lot of money there, they will also play well – and successfully.”

The VW donation to the first division ice hockey team Grizzlys Wolfsburg seems more like it was ripped off from petty cash. As a sponsor, VW transfers around 6.5 million euros per season to the runners who were eliminated in the DEL semifinals. Diess: “I agree with the performance of the Grizzlies. They played well and fought well.”

The women’s team of VfL Wolfsburg is a “ray of hope” for Diess, the ice hockey cracks of the Grizzlys very successful with a comparatively small budget. But a huge ruffle for the men of VfL, who are no longer number 1 in Wolfsburg, but number 3 this year.

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