“If we play below the level of last week, Madrid can win”

Kevin de Bruyne, a midfielder for Manchester City, has stated that if they play “below” the level they displayed in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals, they will be defeated by Real Madrid in the second leg at the Santiago Bernabéu on Wednesday, and that they must therefore play “at an excellent level.”

“We can be one of the best teams if we perform like we did last week. Madrid can win if we perform below that level since they are one of the top teams in the world. We must play at a high level since this will be a magnificent game in which we must perform at our best. Hopefully, we will be able to visit Paris “At a news conference, he stated.

Furthermore, he believes they are “on the right road” to reach their second straight ‘Champions’ final. “The only criticism we can take is that we haven’t won it yet,” she remarked. “We’ve competed for crowns in the last several qualifiers several times. All we have to do now is stay on course and avoid getting off track “she stated

On the other hand, the Belgian midfielder believes they are better than when they were eliminated from the Champions League by the white squad in 2015-16. “We’ve improved our condition. Madrid won 1-0, although I thought it was a dull match. We’re in better shape, and we’re playing better. We now have a stronger team “He was adamant.

He recalled the quarterfinal match versus Atlético de Madrid in a different order. “I took a number of kicks during the game against Atlético and a few more after that, but I’m fine. I’m glad since I’ve played a lot of games “He mentioned this before going into detail about his previous injury.

“I had never experienced such anguish before, yet I was able to return to my previous level of performance. Mentally, the injury was difficult, but as the pain subsided two months ago, I began to feel more secure in myself. I’m playing every game, two a week, and I’m back to where I was “He came to a conclusion.

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