As every year, tonight (Tuesday) the Olympic Committee in Israel holds the memorial service for the 11th victims of Munich at a monument in Tel Aviv with the participation of dozens of guests, family members and athletes.

At the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics more than a month ago, the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, mentioned the murder of the athletes, and at the Olympic Stadium in the Japanese capital there was a minute of silence in memory of the athletes 49 years after the Munich massacre.

Minister of Culture and Sports Hili Trooper (Blue and White) attended the memorial service and said during the evening: “49 years ago there was a rift and the past years did not heal it. Leumi. A rift that included death and bereavement that met with indifferent public opinion in the world. Sport became part of the bloodshed. “Dear ones, they were our emissaries on German soil and Israel does not forget its sons. This event here says a lot about the Israeli society that knows how to remember and we invited Thomas Bach to be a guest next year at the Jubilee Memorial in memory of the murdered.“

Speaking after Minister Trooper, Yigal Carmi, chairman of the Israel Olympic Committee, said: “49 years have passed but the feeling of sadness and loss does not let up. The murder has become historic. The time struggle to forget the event.The widows Anki Spitzer and Ilana Romano set themselves the goal of breaking all the walls.They no longer believed it would happen but the turning point was at the 2012 London Olympics where Anki and Ilana hurled harsh words at the audience.Thomas Bach set himself the goal of changing things. It started with an exciting ceremony in the Olympic Village in Rio and continued in Tokyo with the surprise that awaited us there. “Today. Near the monument, I tell Anki and Ilana that your long journey is over.“

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