Action clean ice rink: “The confetti, oh listen to me, that’s hell”

It’s been a few decades, but the more mature ice hockey fans in western Berlin will certainly still remember the scenario that reliably played out after the games of the Prussian pros in the ice rink on Jafféstrasse. As soon as the final siren had sounded, the door in the band curve opened and men trudged out with a small cart full of white plastic sheeting. The trio (or duo) then hung down the plexiglass barriers in a hurry. It was done to protect against rubber marks from the pucks in practice.

While the dynamic men were at work, the hall was not yet empty: The players drove about a lap of honor, often more than 6000 spectators celebrated a victory of the Prussians in a beer-happy mood. But the ice masters didn’t bother at the fan party. The Prussians could also have been champions, won the European Cup or Germany the World Cup title – that would not have influenced the constant wagon. After all, it has to be the end of the day.

Of course times have changed. The hall on Jafféstraße no longer exists, not even the Prussians and the Eisbären are much more successful and have a hall two and a half times the size – but everything has to stay neat and clean there too. Our colleague – who was with Alba in the Mercedes-Benz Arena on Wednesday evening – was quite astonished when he found out from a hall employee that he was interested in the score of the polar bears in Munich, because: “If they do, I’ll have it morjen free.”

Luckily, because of Berlin’s victory in final four in Munich, there was no final five in Berlin on Thursday. And even better, the dirt stayed in the Olympic Ice Stadium in Munich. Because, according to the Berlin hall employee: “It’s a good thing when they celebrate in Munich. Don’t I have to clean that shit up The confetti, oh listen, that’s hell.”

In this respect, not much has changed since the Prussian Wagon, work is just work for the hard-working people behind the scenes. Nevertheless, winning a championship like this in Berlin is nicer for the polar bear fans. So: next year I’d love to have a golden shower of confetti in the arena. If necessary, the players can help to sweep up.

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