Finals in the Europa League: Thanks to Eintracht Frankfurt, weekdays are a pleasure – sport

FC Schalke 04 still bears the nickname “Eurofighter” because the club won the Uefa Cup in 1997 and showed so much heart and soul that even football fans far away from the Ruhr area had great sympathy for Huub Stevens’ ensemble. Now, 25 years later, Eintracht Frankfurt has finally taken over the line of succession.

Thanks to the 1-0 win over English club West Ham United (2-1), the Hessians have not yet won the Europa League, which replaced the Uefa Cup in 2009/2010. But on May 18, first reached the final against Glasgow Rangers; the Scots prevented an all-German final against RB Leipzig. But the way the team performs in this competition and not only inspires their own, highly emotional supporters, is the best advertisement for this cup format, which heavyweights in the industry have dubbed the “Losers’ Cup”.

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In Frankfurt, on the other hand, the dedication to European football is enormous. This was already revealed in the 2018/2019 season, when Eintracht was one of the smaller lights on this stage, but only failed in the semi-finals at Chelsea – after a dramatic penalty shoot-out at Stamford Bridge. Even back then, fans would follow their club across the continent, turning weekday evenings into football parties.

FC Barcelona is upset

The fact that the great FC Barcelona, ​​which Eintracht threw out of the competition in the quarter-finals, was indignant at the crowds of Frankfurt fans who stormed the Camp Nou may have been understandable from a loser’s point of view. But it just shows how attractive the Europa League can be for the many clubs that rarely or never enjoy the Champions League.

The fact that Eintracht and Rangers, who also stand for the highest level of football culture, face each other in the final in Seville of all places is the perfect conclusion to this competition. The Spaniards have already won the Europa League four times and are – to use this term again – the symbol of the “Eurofighter”. To be the German successor to Schalke 04 in this stadium of all places would be the perfect setting for Frankfurt.

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