Even the champion’s favorite young star defender strikes points at a historic pace like a power striker

Skating master Cale Makar rises to the wonders behind Colorado’s offensive chains.

Colorado Avalanche is the NHL’s biggest champion favorite, and no wonder, as its lines are packed with experienced power strikers: Mikko Rantanen, Nathan McKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, Nazem Kadri…

Yet the beam of light is stolen by a perpetually childish defender Cale Makar23. He forges an attacker’s power, almost a record for his own playing field.

Makar has also caught the eye in the first two playoffs, after which Colorado leads Nashville 2-0.

On Tuesday, he scored the most stunning goal and scored two as Colorado escaped victory by hitting five times in the opening quarter.

On Thursday, he decided with his extra time goal. It was a work win as he shot an amazing 12 times, more than any Colorado player has ever played in the playoffs. In addition, opponents managed to cover up ten Makari launch attempts.

Canadian Makari’s career The average score per match is now exactly one: 215 matches and 215 points, in the regular season.

It’s an almost incredible long-term pace for the defender.

At least one point to the match average have reached their entire career only Bobby Orr and Paul Coffey (if defenders who have played at least 150 regular season matches are taken into account).

Makaria has been repeatedly compared to both of these legends.

“It flatters,” heard a comment about the assimilation in an interview with The Athletic – but it wasn’t said by Cale Makar but by Paul Coffey, a four-time NHL winner who won three times the NHL Defender of the Year, one of the most champion skaters of all time.

That’s how one of Cale Makari’s twelve shots kicked off in Thursday’s match against Nashville.

Skating skills is also considered a special power of Makar. He’s fast, explosive, and slippery like an eel, and his opponent often doesn’t guess where he’s going.

“Sick,” Colorado veteran defender Erik Johnson said The Hockey News by From the goal of Makari, where he slid effortlessly behind his own goal past all opponents and hit the puck in the Philadelphia net last December.

In January, Makar writhed one of the most updated performances of the entire NHL season. He carried the puck on the edge insidiously away from the opponent’s goal, the Chicago defender in his neck until he suddenly spun past him, distracted the goalkeeper to the side and lifted the puck from the knuckle to the goal ceiling – overtime.

Makar has only played three in the NHL Regular seriesthrough – he started his career in an exceptional way, of course. In the spring of 2019, he became the first defender to make his NHL debut in the playoffs and at the same time succeed in scoring.

He won the Best Newcomer of the Year award in the 2019-2020 season and has been on the league star chart since the beginning. Still, it’s noteworthy that Makari’s pace has only tightened season by season.

In the regular season, he collected 28 + 58 = 86 in 77 matches. It set a new goal and point record for Colorado club history defenders.

As a scorer, Makar is one of the defenders in the NHL in his own class. He could very well have broken the 30-goal limit, which no defender has been able to in 13 seasons, but Colorado loosened the final rounds. It secured the Western Conference regular season victory in good time and then lost six games out of the last seven.

Offensive defenders reproached sometimes that their personal point factory pays off too often at their own end.

For example, a Swede Erik Karlsson, one of the best defenders of the last decade, has been clearly frost-positive for most of its seasons. He has thus been more even when playing on ice more often during an opponent’s goal than his own team’s goals.

It should be remembered that this statistic is strongly controlled by the level of teammates, but Makar is still strikingly solid on the plus side. In the regular season, his number was 48, the fifth best in the league.


The entire team at the Colorado Avalanche rushed to surround Cale Makar after Thursday’s overtime win.


The entire team at the Colorado Avalanche rushed to surround Cale Makar after Thursday’s overtime win.

Makar plays the number one superiority and underpower and is on ice the most among Colorado players, averaging more than 25 minutes per match.

In the regular season, he was in the trough more than 300 minutes more than any other Colorado player, that is, in front of five full matches, even though they didn’t play the most matches in numbers.

Makar has given his evidence for the Best Defender of the Season award, as the selection is based on the regular season.

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