The new acquisition of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Brandley Kwas, signed yesterday in its ranks and the club is excited about the arrival of the reinforcement player who can play a variety of roles in the link and attack and will try to help the Yellows return the championship plate. Whoever will support the Dutchman in the country is his other half, Parshis Lilis.

His fiancée also comes from Horn, where the footballer was born who is closely attached to a 28.year.old event producer who is excited about her husband’s new experience. “A new adventure! Proud of you my love. In every step you take in life, remember that I am behind you, always there with you,” she wrote on her Instagram account. Despite the support, the Dutchman and their three.year.old daughter still live in Dubai, where Faith (Emuna) also began her school year.

Kwas and Pershis Shalev have been engaged for nearly two years, since December 2019, just before the corona virus broke out and changed the world. The marriage proposal was particularly romantic – on the beach in Dubai, where the footballer invested not only in a ring, flowers, candles and background music, but also in fireworks that flooded the sky as soon as his beauty said “yes” to him.

The two have not yet gotten married due to the virus raging, but the event is expected to take place later this year in the Netherlands, with the families and best friends. In the meantime, we’ll tell you that their daughter Faith, has her own Instagram account that her mother runs, cultivates a modeling career and even managed to appear in the most prestigious magazines in the Netherlands. Until the two join Maccabi’s new acquisition in Tel Aviv, get a taste of the personal life of Kwas and his beauties.

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