Maccabi Tel Aviv breathed a sigh of relief yesterday (Tuesday) after they officially closed the deal of Gabi Kanikovsky, who is known to have signed for three years and is supposed to help the team return to the championship. Kanikovsky is “a yeshiva student of a religious nature who does not believe in social networks,” his close friends testify, revealing why yellow fans were unable to find their new connection on Instagram.

“Gabi does not find interest in Instagram, he also does not watch TV, he will always prefer to open a Torah scroll,” says Sapir Marom, Kanikovsky’s agent and a close friend who used to go to games with him as a child. “Gabi is jealous of his private life, silence is important to him, publicity never interests him, it does not speak to him.”

The players’ agent also told Sports1 that the most important thing in the world for the relationship is his wife Dana. The two, who got married two years ago, began their relationship when they were middle school students at the age of 14. Dana is Knikowski’s first girlfriend, a detail that corresponds perfectly with his humble nature.

“Gabi is net about football, because it’s the love of and livelihood. Beyond that, he is a very religious guy so the publicity and everything around him doesn’t really speak to him,” Marom explains. We in the section are confident that Kanikovsky will continue to show sparks in the uniform of Maccabi Tel Aviv, with or without a presence on social media.

Gabi Kanikovsky, Sapir Marom | Maccabi Tel Aviv

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