All against Manchester City? Klopp contradicts Guardiola

It would be the eighth championship title for ManCity and also the sixth since 2012. Liverpool are hoping for their second triumph in the Premier League era since 1992/93. The Champions League finalist holds a total of 19 championships and, according to Guardiola, is a sentimental favorite for many. “Everyone in this country is crossing their fingers for Liverpool, including the media. Of course, because Liverpool have an incredible history in European competitions. But not in the Premier League, they’ve only won it once in 30 years,” said Guardiola.

“They have more fans”

Liverpool is the most important club along with Manchester United in terms of title, history, legacy and drama, the Catalan said. “We’ve only been there for ten, eleven, twelve years. I know we’re uncomfortable sometimes, but I don’t care. People want Liverpool to win and not us, that’s normal. They have more fans around the world.”

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