EPL: The Reds to correct course from the Aston Villa gate

Liverpool are hoping to make up for their recent draw with Tottenham when they visit Aston Villa in a postponed match from the 33rd stage of the English Premier League.

City leads the standings with 86 points from 35 games, 3 more than Liverpool, 3 games before the end of their Premier League campaigns this season, knowing that the goal difference, adopted in the event of a tie on points, is currently in the interest of City as well (+68, +64). .

Liverpool’s chances of searching for a historic quartet in England diminished, after winning the League Cup, facing Chelsea in the cup final on Saturday and the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

His German coach Jurgen Klopp refused to give up, despite the difficulty of the task against City, who expanded the difference to 3 points, “I would be happy to say that City will waste points, but the problem is that I do not see that.”

Big win for the leader

Man City healed its shocking exit from the semi-finals of the Champions League by placing its hand on the English Premier League title when it honored its guest, Newcastle United, with five clean points in the thirty-sixth stage.

Raheem Sterling (19,90 +3), Spain’s Aymeric Laporte (38), Spain’s Rodri (61) and substitute Phil Foden (90 + 1) scored the goals.

Manchester City took advantage of Liverpool’s 1-1 stumble against its guest, Tottenham, at the opening stage, and won its fourth successive victory and 27 this season, raising its score to 86 points, compared to 83 for Liverpool, 3 games before the end of the season.

Guardiola commented on the victory of his team, which has become close to the fourth title in the last five seasons, saying: “A perfect match for us .. we gained 3 points, and the remaining 9 points we will play to win, we have another final match,” referring to the Wolverhampton match.

He seemed surprised when asked if he expected this kind of reaction, and explained, “With everything this team has done, you had doubts? This team has been playing this way every 3 days for 5 years.

If some people doubt, it is because they do not know the team.” “It’s one of the best teams I’ve coached in my life,” he added, acknowledging that his team is now in a strong position to chase the title.

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