New demonstration of power of Denmark
Nor did Europe’s second best nation have any answer to the Danish stars’ weapons

Anders Antonsen delivered games in a very high class against France on Tuesday. Photo: Raphael Sachetat / BadmintonPhoto

It was almost embarrassing on Monday against Algeria, when the Danish badminton men opened the Thomas Cup with a blatant asshole.

And if one had hoped that the French on Tuesday could offer a qualified resistance, and if they had enough, one would be badly disappointed.

Where the Chinese had their trouble with the French on Monday, there was a demonstration of power on Tuesday.

Viktor Axelsen opened the ball in the usual dominant way. 23-year-old Toma Junior Popov, who is the Frenchmen’s great hope, got read and endorsed in a very one-sided affair, which Axelsen won 21-8, 21-11.

If you can talk about excitement, there was a little more when Anders Antonsen met Christo Popov. The Dane won 21-12, 21-13. Along the way, the Frenchman struck out with his arms, for he was up against a man who was having a good day.

Maybe not the most beautiful match, but his always eminent masked play made a big difference. Several times Popov had no idea where he was going to stand.

The men’s doubles Mathias Christiansen / Daniel Lundgaard had to dig a little deeper, but Delrue and Villeger were still defeated 21-16, 21-17, even though the Danes do not play together in everyday life, as the French do.

Thus, the overall victory was secured already after three of the five matches.

By Editor