Showdown in the basement of the Bundesliga: the opposite of Gijon

The non-aggression pact at the 1982 World Cup match between Germany and Austria is legendary, and football fans know what the “disgrace of Gijon” means. Now a game in the fourth-rate Regionalliga Südwest cannot come close to a sad World Cup classic in terms of conciseness, but what happened between FSV Frankfurt and SV Elversberg at the weekend was a small copy of Gijon: Because as the final whistle sounded, both teams celebrated a 1-1 draw that they had previously managed together on the pitch.

The ball wandered through the Elversberg defenses for 12 minutes without Frankfurt intervening: FSV had managed to stay up with the draw and Elversberg had been promoted to league three.

That’s understandable in such a case, some will say. But something like that is not nice, neither from a sporting point of view nor from a moral point of view. The worst thing in football is a result that both sides can live with. In this context, it is good that the same cannot be expected in the final sprint of the Bundesliga and also one class below in the promotion battle at the weekend: In the two games that are important for the Bundesliga relegation battle, no result is possible with Stuttgart and Cologne or Dortmund and Hertha can live equally well.

At the end of these games, only one team will celebrate – at most, because Cologne can lose participation in the Europa League with a win. So let’s look forward to the opposite of Gijon for the weekend.

By Editor