The frightening case of Christian Eriksen, who collapsed last night (Saturday) on the pitch during a game between Denmark and Finland, after experiencing a heartbreaking event on the pitch. Today, Maccabi Israel CEO Naor Galili wrote a letter to the heads of the sports associations requesting that he recommend to the medical committees to discuss in depth the issue of returning to the fields for recovering patients or Corona patients.

“Following the unfortunate incident that happened last night in the Euro game for Denmark player Eriksen, and although I understand the player was not sick in the corona, I would like to recommend to the medical committee to discuss the issue of returning to the pitches for corona recoverers.” In the heart muscle, which puts both athletes and amateurs at high risk, “Galili wrote.

“Athletes are exposed to great efforts and we are witnessing difficulties in returning to routine after the illness (in Israel – cases have been mentioned regarding Ali Muhammad from Betar Jerusalem, Nikita Rokavica from Maccabi Haifa and other athletes in other industries). I would like to recommend to the committee to examine the application of anyone who has been to Corona for special tests in addition to the routine stress tests in order to locate, confirm and perhaps even prevent a heart defect or any other injury. “

Denmark players defend Eriksen | FRIEDEMANN VOGEL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

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