Sinner beats Fognini and goes to the second round of the Rome Internationals

Fabio Fognini fights but Jannik Sinner wins. The Italian derby in the second round of the “Internazionali d’Italia”, fifth Masters 1000 of the season with a prize pool of 5,415,410 euros, underway on the red clay of the Foro Italico in Rome, rewards the 20-year-old from Sesto Pusteria: 6-2 3- 6, 6-3 after 2h03 ‘of play the score in favor of the South Tyrolean, who was facing the most experienced compatriot for the first time in his career.

Fognini, who had defeated Thiem on his debut, can’t keep up with Sinner’s pace in the first set, tries to keep up with him by taking some risks but the world number 13 is in absolute control.

In the second set, net of a badly beaten racket after an immediate counterbreak, the 34-year-old from Arma di Taggia changes gear and this time it is Sinner who is fumbling, unable to respond to the blows of his rival.

So we go to the third, immediately addressed to Sinner who did not let the opportunity slip away.

On Sinner’s path, in the second round, the Serbian Filip Krajinovic, who yesterday surprisingly eliminated the Russian Andrey Rublev: between the two, only one precedent, on the fast of Sofia last year, with the success of the blue in the semifinals.

Other results 2nd Round: Giron (Usa) b. Schwartzman (Arg, 12) 6-1 7-6 (4) Brooksby (USA) b. Goffin (Bel) 6-0 7-6 (1).

Sinner happy: “In the end it counts to win”

“It was a very difficult match, the crowd was fantastic. It is very nice to play here in Rome, I hope to go further.” This was stated by Jannik Sinner to the microphones of Sky after the victory in the second round of the Internazionali against Fabio Fognini.

“Fabio gave me a great hand last year in the Davis Cup, we got closer, we talked to each other several times. On the pitch we saw that we give 100%, in the end it counts to win, I’m happy, I wish him the better because he is a special player, he does things that not many are able to do “.

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