Hannover 96: Martin Kind defends himself against accusations by Christoph Dabrowski – 2nd Bundesliga

Martin Kind (78) has still not apologized to Christoph Dabrowski (43). The coach confirmed this in the BILD interview. And the child probably won’t do it anymore either.

“It was the wrong time, but we are not responsible for it,” said Kind in the football talk of the Neue Presse and indirectly blamed BILD for the Zoff: “A newspaper played the name Leitl. And I was faced with the decision, do I confirm that or do I not confirm that. I have decided to confirm it. I do not tell the untruth.”

Child defends himself against Dabro allegations

After the exclusive picture report on the secret meeting between 96 and Stefan Leitl (44), Kind had confirmed the upcoming commitment at Sport1 – shortly before the matchday press conference before the rescue final against Karlsruhe (2-0).

Dabrowski was “amazed by the communication,” claiming he wasn’t informed. Kind denies this: “I have to clearly disagree with that. man talked to him about it.”

The conversation between Dabro and sports director Marcus Mann (38) is said to have taken place on Sunday after the Karlsruhe game…

After all: Kind thanked Dabro publicly for the rescue: “Mr. Dabrowski played a part in this development that we were able to stay up in the league. Thanks to Mr Dabrowski and the team.”

The goal with the new coach Leitl remains the Bundesliga. Kind: “My goal is clearly the 1st Bundesliga. Not in a year, but in two years. If it comes sooner, then I don’t mind.”

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