In Bolzano the Fc Suditol case broke out for the German name only

FC Sudtirol’s historic elevation to Serie B of Italian football was not without controversy. Discontent is growing in the Bolzano basin over the company’s German-only name, which had a great sporting season with 27 wins out of 38 games (only 2 defeats). “The name Sudtirol does not reflect us,” say fans gathered under the banner of the “North Bolzano stairs.”

Fans’ dissatisfaction is backed up by the Brothers of Italy. “The fans are much ahead of the club officials, who are using football to impose a monolingual brand that politics wants,” he argues. Alessandro Urz, FdI’s provincial councilor “The northern tier is heroic, but South Tyrol’s name alone does not touch the hearts of everyone. Is saying it politically incorrect? Let us just express what many football fans believe: despite the team’s victories on the field, there is little fanfare at the stadium. Many people lack the bravery to voice what we have to say. Now comes the moment of pride: the company’s multilingual name returns “.

The club’s background

In the mid-1990s, the current Fc Sudtirol was founded. By taking over the SV Milland, a club in a sort of neighborhood in Bressanone, some South Tyrolean industrialists had thrown down the gauntlet to semi-professional football in Trentino Alto Adige. The new club was renamed ‘Fc Sudtirol-Alto Adige,’ with white and red business colors to match the Autonomous Province.

According to the club, the team “does not represent a single city, but acts as an ambassador for an entire province” as a “model of integration for the three linguistic groups present in South Tyrol,” with “the stadium serving as a meeting point for Italian, German, and Ladin native speakers with one goal in mind: to cheer on their team.” The team moved to the ‘Druso’ stadium in Bolzano after being promoted to Serie C in 2000, leaving the Bressanone field.

With the passage of time, the term ‘Alto Adige’ became less and less common, until the management opted to register the team just as ‘Fc Sudtirol.’ The name of the capital city, Bolzano-Bozen, is multilingual, as reflected in the emblem.

By Editor