WannaCry – Five years have passed since the first major attack

WannaCry is he malicious software that five years ago gave notoriety to a type of attack, the kidnapping of data in exchange for a payment or ‘ransomware’, which has since become more sophisticated and has adopted new extortion techniques.

On Friday, May 12, 2017, it became known that Telef├│nica’s internal network had been affected by malicious software that was compromising data and files. The company sent an internal message urging workers to shut down computers and disconnect other equipment from the intranet.

Some workers pointed out that some of the computers allegedly affected had appeared with the blue screenwhile others showed an infection message. It was the first contact with WannaCry, of what was later known to be a global attack, sponsored by a State and multi-vector, as Check Point recalled in a statement.

WannaCry became the first major ransomware attack; It was not a pioneer in terms of profitability, but it was in terms of marking the beginning of the political use of this type of malware.

Ransomware has evolved in recent years, from the WannaCry authors demanding only a few hundred dollars from their victims to Conti asking for tens of millions. The ransom demand Kaseya faced in 2021 was reportedly $70 million.

The operations have also changed, from random emails to multi-million dollar businesses like NotPetya, REvil, Conti and DarkSide, which carry out attacks specific and sophisticated that affect companies in all sectors.

The cybersecurity company notes that remote and hybrid work modalities, coupled with accelerating cloud adoption, have opened up new opportunities for attackers to exploit. Its sophistication is increasing, with new trends such as the ‘Ransomware-as-a-Service’ o double and even triple extortion.

cyber criminals threaten to publish private information for double extortion and demand a ransom not only from the infected organization itself, but also to its customers, partners and suppliers in the triple extortion format.

By Editor