Block Down started in Šibenik: More than 1000 people, five locations and NFT tokens for special content

This week, Šibenik is the mecca of many renowned names from the NFT world, because from Wednesday to Friday in the Amadria park resort, the first NFT enabled Web3 festival is finally arriving. BlockDown Croatia 2022 is being held at five different locations in Šibenik, combining global speakers from the Web3 and blockchain communities with numerous surprises for participants.

More than 1000 fans of NFT, cryptocurrencies, technology and metaverses will have the opportunity to share their experiences and listen to very interesting lectures. The main theme of the first NFT festival on the Croatian coast is the strong expansion and opportunities provided by Web3.

One of the lecturers, Bruno Škvorc, blockchain author and founder of RMRK, the most advanced NFT platform, told us what it is like to be among the most successful in the world of NFT.

– RMRK is a unique NFT 2.0 protocol that allows users to create and sell advanced and customizable NFT tokens such as buying and selling digital real estate, clothing and fashion accessories for avatars, various models of virtual property ownership and a whole range of hitherto unimaginable possibilities. RMRK NFT tokens are the leaders of a completely new era in the development of NFTs – he said.

He says that they are glad to be a part of the first NFT festival on the Croatian coast and to present to the public the exceptional potential of RMRK NFT.

– I believe that BlockDown has recognized the unlimited possibilities and authenticity that we have so far, among the few, offered on the market – he adds and points out that with RMRK he will talk about building a decentralized metaverse, but also about the burning topic of metaverse branding.

– Given that RMRK is a place of innovation, we are optimistic about plans for the future. We want to build a decentralized metaverse that is fully managed by the community, which thrives thanks to that same community, while fully using NFT 2.0 technology – he said.

One of the special features of the BlockDown Croatia 2022 conference will be the possibility of collecting NFT tokens that will be able to unlock special interactive content at specific locations where the conference program will be held. Last but not least, visitors to the NFT gallery will be able to try their hand at the world of fashion design and use certain commands (functions) to exchange metaverses of sneakers, pants and T-shirts.

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