“The bots are angry”: Is the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk in danger?

Billionaire Elon Musk announced over the weekend the freeze on the acquisition of Twitter, less than a month after the announcement that he would acquire the social network in the amount of about $ 44 billion. “The Twitter deal is on a temporary standstill, this while waiting for data to confirm that less than five percent of users are fake accounts or spam accounts,” he tweeted on his Twitter account on Friday afternoon.

The tweet in question, which led to a drop in the company’s stock, included a link to an article published in the Reuters news agency on May 2, and deals with Twitter’s exposure of the problem of spam accounts and fake accounts. The figure that Musk tweeted refers to the quarterly report that Twitter posted in late April, in which it estimated that the number of these accounts in the first three months of the year stood at less than five percent of the platform’s active users.

The social network then noted that these estimates were based on a review of sample accounts, and that they believe these are “reasonable” numbers. However, they admitted that these data were not independently verified, so the number of these accounts may be higher than the figure included in the report. Twitter has been dealing with the problem of spam for years, and the company has previously admitted that reducing fake and malicious accounts will be a key factor in the company’s ability to continue to grow.

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Musk himself tweeted during the night between Friday and Saturday that his team would conduct an independent review of the data – by examining a hundred random accounts that follow it. “I invite others to do this test for themselves, and see what they find out,” he tweeted. It is not clear why Musk decided to freeze the deal due to these figures. However, two hours after the first tweet, Musk noted in another tweet that he was “still committed to the purchase,” and later tweeted: “The bots are angry that they are being counted.”

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