Google centralizes data from health and fitness apps in a new service

Google has developed a new application with which it seeks sync health and fitness data of several applications for Android, with the aim of centralizing them in a single place from where they can be managed.

The applications that the user is using on equipment such as mobile phones or watches to record information about their physical activity, health or well-being will be able to synchronize this data in a new service, Health Connect where they will be centralized.

Users will find in this application a management center for the data collected by health and fitness applications. Will be able check the data they access, grant permissions or remove them, as reported on the Android developer blog.

The review of the registered data is carried out by categories, such as activity, body logs, menstrual cycle, sleep, nutrition, and vital signs. But also in applications individually.

At the moment, this application is part of an API for developers, and in the Google Play Store it is available in early access for users of Android devices.

By Editor