A year and a half after it was released, the Battle Royale War of Duty Warzone game is still considered one of the most popular and played games, but the cheating phenomenon that plagues game servers cannot be ignored – those players who use programming that allows them to cheat and ruin the game experience for many players.

Over the past year Activision, a company that distributes the game, has taken several steps to try to eradicate the phenomenon and has developed teams whose entire purpose is to try to locate and close accounts that are suspected or reported as cheaters.

Although thousands of “infected” accounts are disabled every month, this is a phenomenon that is very difficult to combat because the game is free – and once Cheater’s account is closed, he can easily open a new account via an alternative email.

The game’s developer Raven Software is now releasing an update that another 50,000 accounts identified as cheaters have been disabled during the team’s latest wave of searches – which means that currently about 800,000 accounts have been removed from the game’s servers.

Although the Warzone game has a built-in “anti-cheat” system like most games today, but as always there are players who know how to break through and bypass the walls of protection of the big companies and thus install cheats on various games and levels online.

Over the past few days Activision has launched a campaign in which it explicitly states that it is chasing and searching for the cheaters on the net, where it was stated: “This is not an exercise: if you cheat, we are on our way to you, and we will catch you.”

Activision and Raven Software are well aware of the ongoing problem, so they make sure to update the player community on the subject as much as possible. Some of the steps taken during the tests and searches are weekly security checks, adding advanced identification steps to fictitious profiles, user reporting options, and closing sites that distribute cheat programming.

As mentioned, because the games are free, nothing stops players from opening multiple profiles under a fake email, so it’s actually a kind of “cat and mouse” game in which Activizin disables accounts identified as cheaters, but players simply open new email accounts and profiles, and install On them the cheating programming.

Some of the optimization suggestions made by players across the forums, on Reddit and Twitter were to run programming that would make the game identify the hardware of the computer on which the game was running and thus differentiate the players using the cheats. One can only hope that the new cheat system of the new Voice of Duty Vanguard that will be released this coming November will come with creative solutions from Activision, and the players will enjoy a clean and fun gaming experience.

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