Innovative experiment: Plants grew on earth from the moon

For the first time ever, scientists have been able to grow plants in lunar soil, which has been sampled from three different space missions. This is part of a revolutionary experiment that hopes to pave the way for long-term missions in space, and that it will contribute to agriculture on Earth.

The researchers, NASA scientists in collaboration with scientists from the University of Florida, did not believe that about 50 years later – they would try to grow the white spider plant on small lunar rock samples, which were brought to Earth as part of the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions between the years. 1969 – 1972.

Much to their surprise, the seeds began to germinate after two days, however after the sixth day it was clear that those germinated on lunar soil are not as strong as the control group plants that grew on Earth or alternatively in volcanic ash, designed to mimic lunar soil and grow at a slower rate Eventually stopped evolving.

In addition, the plants reacted differently depending on the sample, as each was collected from different regions on the moon. The plants grown in the Apollo 11 specimens were not as strong as the other two groups sampled later, because it was the most exposed before the moon – suggesting, according to the researchers, that soil from younger parts of the moon may be more efficient at growing healthy plants.

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