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I drink the sledge a little like Sirkka.

That is the time of year when hedgehogs roar and ruffle in bushes. Their hustle and bustle is nice to follow.

But if you go to Madagascar, you might encounter a really special hedgehog. Actually, it is not a hedgehog at all, although it is very reminiscent of a mischief by us.

The line sled is a small and prickly creature, slightly smaller than a hedgehog. The name does not refer to the creature’s drinking habits, but its muzzle has a yellow line and the thorns may be yellowish.

With its long snout, it sniffs the forest floor and looks for earthworms to eat. It also puts you to sleep.

Tanrekista what makes it really special is that this little snout produces sound in the same way as crickets. No other mammal can do that.

The back of the drinker has a bunch of hard spikes that it can rub together really quickly, vibrating its muscles. The mechanism is similar to that of a squirrel and a stalk, which squeaks its hind legs by rubbing hard bumps.

Admittedly, one does not hear the chirping of tanrek. The sound is so high frequency that it extends beyond our hearing range.

In other words, the drinking sled produces an ultrasound. According to a BBC nature documentary, the sound is more reminiscent of a rumble than a buzz.

It is not known how such a mechanism has evolved in a mammal. In Madagascar, animals have been able to take shape on their own for tens of millions of years, and evolution has trodden its own paths there.

In any case, the chirping of a tanrek warns others of danger and helps creatures find each other in the dark forest.

Tanrekkeja There are dozens of species. Some of them resemble mice, some opossums. There is also a hedgehog rig that is not really different from a hedgehog in the top.

However, that, and other tanrek, are not related to hedgehogs. But because they have evolved to take advantage of similar eco-trays, they have shaped into very similar ones. This is called convergent evolution.

The ultrasonic hedgehog still sounds mostly like some cartoon character.

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