Apple is planning a significant change in iPhones: this is how consumers will be affected

We all in most homes around the world can find a drawer that is nicknamed the “Mess Drawer” and includes many items from different categories, which do not have a “permanent home”. Next to this drawer, there is usually a drawer that includes countless charging cables – which in some cases the device they are charging is no longer in use today.

Now, it seems that another type of cable is expected to join this drawer. In recent years it has been reported more than once that Apple is expected to make the much-needed change and change the charging connection of all its devices. As mentioned, Apple devices include the Lightning connection, while all new devices today include a USB-C connection.

Mark Gorman reported in Bloomberg News that the change is expected to take effect in 2023, so the iPhone 14 to be announced this coming September will still include the familiar connection. The move may help Apple comply with European legislation, which will force all companies to switch to using the USB-C connection.

The Bloomberg report comes after analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted a similar post over the weekend. The analyst, known for his very impressive accuracy when it comes to Apple, reported that the change will take effect in the second half of next year – then the iPhone 15 series will be launched.

At the same time, there are estimates that Apple, which removed the chargers from the packaging on the grounds of preserving the environment, is likely to develop a splitter that will allow all cables to be used with the Lightning connection so that there will be no need to discard them.

As you may recall, there are a number of the company’s devices, including the iPad Mini 6, that include the common connection. Apple may have incorporated the connection specifically in these devices to test the responses and now it seems that due to the expected legislation in Europe – it will have no choice but to do so in the end.

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