Initiated by the IDF: The Acton for the Development of Software Solutions for the Disabled

The acton’s officer track in the IDF’s ICT Division conducted the Acton to find software solutions for associations and organizations that care for people with disabilities and people on the autistic continuum in the company.

The hackathon, which lasted 26 hours in a row, was attended by 11 teams of cadets who come from a cyber reserve background: software engineers, computers, electrical, industry and management.

Each team received a problem from an association or organization that treats people with various disabilities from a variety of disciplines: Wings of Krembo, Rona Ramon School of Special Education in Nahariya, Akim, Dagsh, Acutism, Tzohar Halev and the special child.

The project is developed in accordance with the required characterization, and if it is found suitable, it will incorporate the technological solution in the body or association that posed the problem. The winning group has developed a platform for training and cognitive accessibility of social or new situations for autistics, using advanced media types such as virtual reality, 360 videos, digital books and more. The platform prepares people on the autistic continuum for new social situations, such as going to the barbershop, supermarket or mall.

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