MADRID, 14 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) –

China to set power limits on wireless charging systems of electronic devices, which may not exceed 50 watts (W) to avoid potential security risks and interference with other systems.

This is reflected in a draft published in the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, entitled ‘Interim Provisions on Radio Management of Wireless Charging Equipment (Power Transmission)’.

This draft law is open to comments, and was originally published in February but has now come to light, as reported by the Chinese portal Mydrivers.

As a result, technology manufacturers they will not be able to sell wireless chargers above 50W in ChinaAlthough the country does leave the door open to its production and marketing outside the Asian giant.

As a cause of this decision, the Chinese ministry explains that it seeks to avoid the problems that can occur with wireless charging technology of more than 50W, especially due to the interference with other legal radio frequency services on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Likewise, China highlights the existence of security risks that these charging systems can cause and that can affect aviation, navigation and astronomical observation, among others.

Currently there are already wireless charging systems above 50W, such as the tecnologĂ­a HyperCharge presented recently by Xiaomi, 120W, which can fully recharge a 4,000 mAh mobile in 15 minutes.

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