Samsung implements the deletion of the fingerprint of calls to the ANAR Help Lines for children and adolescents

Samsung has implemented the elimination of the digital footprint of calls to the ANAR Help Lines on all of its mobile devices, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of children who use this service.

Through its Help Lines and Shelter Homes, ANAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of children and adolescents at risk.

These lines of assistance are free and confidential, and they are manned by psychologists, social workers who specialize in the care of adolescents, and lawyers.

Samsung has now announced that the various phones made available to minors with whom this group works will no longer be registered on their phones.

900 20 20 10 (ANAR Help Phone for Children and Adolescents at Risk), 116 111 (ANAR Phone in Autonomous Communities), and 900 018 018 are the phone numbers affected by Samsung’s fingerprint erasure measure (ANAR Telephone against School Harassment).

With the implementation of this erasure, the technology company hopes to continue to strengthen its child and adolescent protection policies through a collaboration agreement signed on May 6 by Diego Granja, head of Samsung Spain’s Department of Education, and Arturo Cavanna, director general of the ANAR Foundation.

With this, the corporation has stated that it plans to pursue other initiatives aimed at making technology a tool for minors as well as a secure and reliable development environment.

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