After raising huge sums: Get to know the next start-up in the field of food tech

YO-Egg, the food-tech startup that developed a plant-based egg substitute, raised $ 5 million in a lime round led by the Stray Dog Capital fund, which specializes in food-tech investments and was one of the first investors in Beyond Meat. The round, designed to support the company’s increased production and commercial operations in the United States, was also attended by NFX, for which this is its first investment in a food tech company, as well as Surround Ventures and Secret Chord Ventures.

The company’s products serve as a vegan and sustainable alternative to egg, while unlike other companies operating in the field of YO-Egg solution provides a complete experience of eating an egg. The egg of YO-Egg consists of a white protein and a liquid yolk, just like an egg or a poached egg from an animal. The egg is based on plant protein and contains nutritional values ​​similar to those of an animal egg, except for cholesterol and saturated fat.

In this way, YO-Egg becomes, in fact, the first company in the world to supply egg and poached eggs based on plant protein. The company’s products can be found in the Benedict chain, and the company will launch its products in the US by the end of 2022.

“One in six consumers today bases their diet on plant foods, and the number of consumers is only growing,” said company CEO Eran Gruner. Fully or partially. “The full sensory experience of eating YO-Egg is made possible thanks to the company’s staff, who combine culinary expertise with development capabilities and engineering talent – giving the company the ability to revolutionize the way the world produces and needs eggs.”

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