Twitter prepares a function that automatically archives old tweets

Twitter He is currently working on the development of a new privacy tool that allows users of his social network automatically archive old posts from your accounts so that other people cannot see them.

The platform is preparing a series of updates known as ‘social privacy’, so that users can better control their reputation and identity, as the US company has informed Bloomberg.

These measures include hiding account information such as the list of accounts that follow you, tweets marked with ‘likes’ and whether the account is public or private.

To do this, the company prepares a series of tools, including a function to edit the list of followers that will begin testing this month and another for hide ‘liked’ tweets.

However, the main novelty in development is a tool to archive the old tweets of an account, so that, after a certain time that the user can choose, they are automatically no longer visible.

Twitter studies giving four time ranges to users so that their tweets are automatically archived: 30, 60 or 90 days, or after one year. At the moment the tool is in the concept phase.

Likewise, Twitter plans to start remind users to review privacy settings of your accounts – whether they are private or public – with notifications that will begin to send in September.

Another novelty is that the users of the social network have the ability to remove themselves from a public conversation, even if they were not the ones who sent the original tweet. This feature will be tested before the end of 2021.

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