The Israeli economy on target? The cyber array warns of attempted harm

Are the stores in Israel in the crosshairs? The National Cyber ​​System updated today (Thursday) that recently, there has been an identification of attempts at infidelity attack – an attack that prevents access to software and requires a sum of money for its opening – on cash register software. As mentioned, the attack is carried out through an attack on software vendors that provide services to cash registers in stores.

As mentioned, in this attack method, a message appears that appears as a system message from the management interface (screen connect) to the cash register screen, which when clicked, runs the malware that locks access and prevents the ability to operate the cash register. As reported to the array, the software vendors for the stores contacted their customers and warned them not to click on the system message and thus managed to stop some of the damage.

The cyber system said they recommend “end customers who use the product and companies that provide service in the field, reset passwords, do not click on suspicious messages and links and make sure there are required protections with an emphasis on two-step authentication and secure connection.”

It was also reported that in any suspicion, 119 can be dialed into the national cyber system.

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