The business model that will allow travelers to earn money for sharing their information

The high-tech company OSR Enterprises, which has an innovative development center in Israel, recently received approval for a technological patent and presents an innovative business-technological model that allows passengers to earn money for sharing their information. This model is expected, according to the company, to cause a widespread revolution. According to the company’s vision, the vehicle will become the information center and hub of digital life.

Using the company’s technology, the vehicles will collect information from its users, the vehicle and its surroundings, and even from the mobile phone and smartphone. This, through the connection of all vehicle systems and sensors to one central brain based on artificial intelligence (the EVOLVER), which was developed by OSR. Based on the same central brain, the innovative patent developed by the company is integrated, and through it enables extensive information analysis, which includes not only driving characteristics and vehicle comfort, road hazards, etc., but passenger health indicators, body language and even emotions, digital content and preferred consumer products.

Unlike information giants, OSR allows users to earn and receive payment for the bulk of the information they choose to share, and completely prevents the collection of information from the user if he or she does not want to – so that the user has complete control over the information he or she owns. OSR is the first company in the world to invent the innovative model, and recently received a patent for the unique model in the US and is in the process of approval in many other countries.

“After years of technology development, we have completed in our main market the patent registration and receipt process, which allows us all complete control over our information including the information flowing between the vehicle, mobile phone, PC and smartphone. Our patent officially makes the information we produce – economically worthless The property is profitable for us, “explains Orit Shipman, inventor of the patent, founder and CEO of OSR Enterprises.

“This is a revolution. We set a goal according to which the bulk of the information system will return as payment to the public. The company will fundamentally change market habits, thus ending the monopoly on information known to all and finally returning control to the consumer, who is the rightful owner.” Shipman adds.

“The unique AI-based technology, developed by OSR, makes it possible to distill the raw information and improve its value dramatically. The technology allows us to automatically identify potential buyers for the information and allow us all to profit from the sale of our information. “In general, it is our solution for violating the privacy of all of us. The registered patent will revolutionize many channels in our personal lives,” says Shai Nissim, director of the company’s development center in Israel.

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