A cyber criminal named sangkanicil claims that he stole data and personal information of about seven million Israelis, in a hack into the website of the local authorities City4U. If he is telling the truth – this is the largest and most significant event that has taken place in the history of the State of Israel.

As stated, in order to prove that he does have a lot of information – he has begun publishing many documents of Israelis in the last day. These include ID cards, driver’s licenses and property tax accounts of Israelis. Alongside these documents, he has published (as of the time of writing these lines) also two condensed files with data on citizen names from two major cities. The information includes the full name, father name, date of birth and telephone number.

The hacker claimed that he managed to infiltrate a number of municipalities and local authorities, and steal information from them about about seven million Israelis – about 80 percent of Israeli citizens. He offers the information for sale, but has not yet specified the amount.

Along with the documents, the hacker did not miss an opportunity to send bites at the Israelis. “I was able to gain access to sensitive data of municipalities in the State of Israel, wait for more information,” read one statement. Another statement read: “Israeli municipal servers have been hacked! Details of the property and identity of more than 90 percent of Israeli citizens have been published, and are being offered for sale in forums.”

He later explained the timing of the publication: “This is my first surprise in honor of the Jewish Rosh Hashanah, enjoy,” and attached a large file of citizens’ details. The attacker promised that “surprises are expected soon”, and the word of the publication significantly increased the number of followers of his telegram channel. He stated that he would leak some of the information around 7:30 PM Israel time, and later promised more details when his channel reached 2,000 followers. As of this hour, it stands at about 1,400 followers.

By Editor