Zucchetti Spain outlines the future of its strategy in the software market

The company Zucchetti Spain has outlined the future of its strategy in the software market at an event -before its more than 280 employees- held in person at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, after its postponement in 2021 due to the Covid-19 situation.

Under the title ‘Zucchetti Spain: Navigating towards the future’, the ‘software’ company has projected the strategic lines of the organization and has stressed the need to “adapt to competitive and highly uncertain environments“, especially after the pandemic and the drive for digital transformation in companies.

In this reunion of the entire workforce, with headquarters in the Bizkaia Technology Park and different work centers throughout Spain, the directors stressed that technological advances “show the need for constant updatingvital for the strategic development of companies to not be left behind by the speed at which changes happen“.

Justino Martínez Salinas, CEO of Zucchetti Spain, has presented the different axes of the organizational project that seek “to respond to these new business needs” and that “set the guidelines for a project throughout the territory”. “Zucchetti Spain’s determination to continue growing and reinforcing our position in the Spanish market is firm”, he added.

The company explains that the main pillar on which the entire organizational project rests is people, followed by the innovation. In this sense, Zucchetti Spain is committed to incorporating new solutions to continue completing the broader portfolio, as well as occupying relevant positions in different market segments, such as small and medium-sized companies in ERP, HR or of POS software in the HORECA sector. Likewise, it also highlights the pillar of customer and distributor service as another key factor in its strategic agenda.


The event was also attended by Dirk Schwindling, Executive Vice President of Zucchetti WBO, who presented Zucchetti Spain as an example of “best practices” within the group’s international strategy. Schwindling highlights the strategic role played by Zucchetti Spain in Zucchetti’s international universe, occupying the second position by revenue, very close to the first, Germany.

The executive also highlighted Zucchetti Spain’s effort to incorporate and promote products from the international portfolio, some of which are already well established, such as the Zucchetti HR Human Resources suite. Likewise, it highlights the capacity and autonomy to continue developing new functionalities in ERP management software in the national R&D&i centers.

The new product lines that have already begun to be marketed in the Spanish market were also presented at the event, among which stand out cloud ERP software solutions; POS software to facilitate the transformation of the HORECA sector with solutions for companies of all sizes; HR mobility solutions, such as the management of travel and travel expenses or company fleets, payroll solutions, intelligent management of workspaces and security and access control.

“All these solutions come to complete and reaffirm that we have the broadest portfolio of management solutions on the market, and shows our commitment to continue enriching it”, concludes Justino Martínez.

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