History at Activision: QA employees have succeeded in establishing a trade union

Employees of Raven Software, which belongs to Activision, announced today (Monday) that they have decided to establish a workers’ union that will protect their rights. The decision was passed by a vote in the company, by a majority of 19 votes out of 22. This is the first time an association has been established within Activision, and it is only the second union in the US video game industry.

The vote came after months of effort on the part of employees, who sometimes claimed that the company itself was trying to torpedo the move. In fact, the union has been embroidering skin and tendons since December, when 12 QA employees were notified in advance of their dismissal about a month later. The workers began a five-week strike in a studio that provided support for the CALL OF DUTY brand, at the end of which they formed the union, to which the rest of the workers today joined.

On the other hand, Activision dismantled the Raven Software QA team during the strike, and sent them to work on other teams. They even appealed to the National Board of Labor for the purpose of restricting the union to Raven employees only and thus preventing the rest of Activision’s QA employees from joining them.

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