$ 70,000 prize for those who will develop a virtual reality of Mars

For a total reward of $ 70,000, you could be the one chosen by NASA to develop Mars’ Virtual Reality (XR), which the agency will use for research that focuses on activities across the planet.

“The goal is to create an immersive, engaging and realistic experience,” the U.S. space agency released earlier this month in partnership with video game company Epic Games and technology group Buendea. “Through virtual reality we will be able to assess aspects of future missions, such as the optimal size of the teams, what procedures will enable the team’s health and performance, and what equipment they will need,” NASA added.

In the challenge, called NASA MarsXR, developers are required to present solutions in five different categories in which they will be asked to present specific scenarios, including all the assets needed for the same space mission. The categories are: camp building, scientific research, maintenance, investigation and “blow our brains out”. The total prize for this challenge is $ 70,000, but it will be divided between 20 individual prizes, with developers being able to submit multiple submissions in each category by July 26th.

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