This is how smartphones are preparing for “a new era of data security”

The Pegasus spy ‘software’, which has infected tens of thousands of mobile phones of politicians, journalists and activists around the world, and which has come to the fore again due to the cases registered in Spain, has triggered all the alarms. The security of user data is becoming increasingly important and smartphone manufacturers are dedicating more efforts to achieve this goal.

This has been stated by Andy Wu, vice president of OPPO and president of Find Product Line, after one of the brand’s terminals, the Find X5 Pro, have achieved Common Criteria security certification (CC) of the Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile (MDFPP), one of the most demanding in the market. “We are always looking to improve security support and protection across all of our devices, and we welcome a new era of data security,” she added.

The CC certification is one of the most recognized standards worldwide in international security measures. Typically, it is used to compare essential high-level security requirements for extremely sensitive industries, such as network systems, credit and debit cards and confidential customer information.

This safety recognition remains the basis for government certification systems in various countries and regions. There are seven fundamental requirements needed to achieve this: excellence in product development, security auditing, cryptographic support, data protection of the users, identity and authenticationdata security, trusted pathways and channels, and evaluation access.


In any case, beyond the protection systems that mobile device manufacturers are developing, OPPO experts also offer a series of tips and recommendations so that their users can protect the data stored in the devices in the best possible way. smartphones.

In this sense, experts urge enable self-diagnosis on the mobile phone, a function that allows you to search automatically failures and possible viruses on the device. The user can even determine the frequency in which this test is carried out. In the same way, it is recommended to have a secure folder with the most important files, enabling the function ‘private safe’ and choosing the desired encryption method.

Also, thanks to the ‘privacy panel’, OPPO users can know which apps use the microphone, camera, or location, among other things, in order to manage it in the best possible way. Experts also encourage users to avoid public WiFi networks and block apps that may seem dangerous.

When it comes to sharing documents, the company has the ‘Phone Clone’ tool, which passes all the data directly without going through clouds and has developed a ‘anti-peeping’ technologywhich uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect other faces that may be viewing your screen and so hide notifications.

The recommendations of the experts, together with the improvements that the manufacturers of ‘smartphones’ are developing, help to advance in the security of the private data of the users. “The Find X5 Pro, for example, adopts international standards for data transmission that guarantee that these cannot be manipulated regardless of where and when the device is used, making it a great option for work data that needs enterprise-level protection.”

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