Apple announced tonight (Tuesday) the date for the announcement of the new iPhone models. According to the company’s publication, the event is expected to take place on September 14, at 8 pm (Israel time), at the Steve Jobs Hall, on the company’s campus in California. Similar to the company’s previous announcement events, this event is also expected to take place in a virtual format.

This means that the pre-order of the devices will probably start on Friday the 17th of the month, and that they will arrive in stores a week later – on the 24th of the month.

In the best tradition, a lot of information has been leaked in recent months about the new iPhone series, which will be announced alongside other products. Various reports indicate, among other things, that Apple is testing a number of new colors and finishes for the devices, but no significant changes in the exterior design are expected. The only significant change expected is probably the small of the gap, which has been at the top of the devices since the iPhone X released in 2017.

In addition, according to recent reports, it seems worth lowering expectations regarding the device’s innovations as well – since according to sources quoted by Bloomberg, the expected upgrades in the devices will be quite minor, including the processor, camera and screen. Nowadays in the flagship devices of the various Android manufacturers), along with improvements to the photo system and a larger battery, it has also been reported that the iPhone 13 models (if they are called that) will be heavier – this is because they will be equipped with larger batteries than before.

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