Intel CEO, Pat Glasinger, And Sixt’s co – CEO, Alexander Sixt, Announced tonight (Tuesday) during a major event at the IAA Mobility Exhibition a collaboration, as part of which will offer autonomous shuttle services in Munich in 2022. The collaboration between Intel’s subsidiary, Mobilai, and Sixt Group, a leading international provider of mobile services based in Germany, also aims Expand driverless shuttle services throughout Germany as well as to other European countries in the next decade.

As mentioned, passengers will be able to access the service via the Moovit widget or the Sixt widget and the autonomous robo.ceremonial offering will be included in Sixt’s holistic mobility platform, ONE, which combines in one widget the ride hailing along with car rental, car sharing and car sharing. – In fact, by integrating the services of partners such as Mobilai, the ONE mobility platform will provide Sixt customers worldwide with access to more than 200,000 vehicles, 1,500 partners, about 1.5 million drivers and soon also services.

The option to order an autonomous robo.ceremony will be part of the SIXT ride services, and was demonstrated on the main stage by Alexander Sixt. Meanwhile, Mobilai has also unveiled the vehicles – branded as MoovitAV and SIXT – that will be manufactured and used by the robotic service in Germany. This is the first time that Mobilai has introduced the fully integrated autonomous driving system, known as Mobileye Drive ™, in a vehicle that will be used for commercial services of driverless commuters.

Mobilai’s robotics travels in Tel Aviv (Photo: Mobileye)

The Autonomous Vehicle Act (AV) recently enacted in Germany now allows the use of driverless vehicles on the roads, allowing Mobilai’s autonomous taxis to start piloting, with passengers, on the streets of Munich as early as 2022. Later, the vehicle fleet will move from pilot phase to commercial operation, – “Germany has demonstrated global leadership towards the future of autonomous mobility by accelerating vital AV legislation,” Glasinger said.

Mobilai stated that the collaboration with Sixt is the first commercial robo.ceremonial service of a technology provider and a mobile services provider. “With a logistically strong partner and operations such as Sixt, Mobilai will be able to realize the promise of full autonomy in cities around the world,” said Mobilai CEO and senior Intel global professor Prof. Amnon Shashua. “We are pleased that Germany is a pioneer in this field.“

Alexander Sixt, Co.CEO of Sixt, added: “This strategic partnership is the next step in expanding our integrated mobility platform, ONE, and highlights our company’s development towards becoming an industry.leading provider of innovative and digital quality mobility. We are pleased to leverage Mobilai’s exceptional technology to bring driverless mobility to customers in Germany and abroad. “

Mobilai's robotics travels in Tel Aviv (Photo: Mobileye)Mobilai’s robotics travels in Tel Aviv (Photo: Mobileye)

Mobilai will own the RoboTexic fleet operating in Munich, while Sixt will leverage its established expertise in the supply, maintenance and operation of the vehicle fleet. When the service is launched in Munich, the vehicles will include the MoovitAV service and carry the SIXT brand, to make it easier for customers to distinguish between traditional shuttle booking services and autonomous vehicle shuttle booking services.

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