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MADRID, 9 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

The launch of the latest beta of Android 12 this Wednesday brings the arrival of the final version of this operating system, which will accompany another Google novelty for this fall, the family of ‘smartphones’ Pixel 6, that the company has shown in real pictures With the possible filing date

Google has begun to prepare the presentation of Pixel 6 with a promotional video on YouTube where it is shown the ‘smartphone’ in real image, with the new interface based on the Material You language and Tensor’s own designed processor.

The company stands out in the sneak peek video the ability of the ‘smartphone’ to learn, evolve and adapt to the user which will enable the processor, which will unlock machine learning experiences. And it maintains that it will be presented in the fall of this year.

Along with the video, Google has also published an image on Instagram, where it presents different interface color options, as a sample of the Material You customization potential– The twelve ‘smartphones’ offer a view of the main screen, with different ways of indicating the time or time.

However, all ‘smartphones’ that have a calendar ‘widget’ match on the date they show: Tuesday 19, which could indicate the date of presentation of the event if it is taken into account that October 19 falls on a Tuesday, and it would already be autumn.

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