Android 13 will support Huawei’s EROFS optimized file system

The next version of the operating system developed by Google, Android 13, will support the optimized file system Enhanced Read-Only File System (EROFS), developed by Chinese technology company Huawei.

EROFS is an extensible read-only file system that increases random read performance by an average of 20 percent and application startup speed by 10 percent.

It is also capable of improving data reading performance in low system memory conditions and the security of the files that are integrated into it.

It is a Huawei proprietary system that was introduced for the first time in the Linux kernel with version 4.14 in mid-2018, with the aim of replace read-only systems that are used in Android and optimize their performance in read operations.

However, it was not made official until the EMUI 9.1 customization layer of 2019, with which the company made it public, ensuring that its reading speed outperformed EXT4 transactional file system by 20 percent.

EROFS is not exclusive to Huawei. Currently, some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Oppo or Xiaomi, use it for the advantages it offers in terms of performance and storage space savings.

According to the editor of and former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, Mishaal Rahman, Google will bring to Android the use of ROFS in the system shares for terminals launched with Android version 13.

This developer has stated that “since the EROFS kernel driver was introduced in Linux kernel 5.4, the common Android kernel inherited the changes from Android 11 version 5.4.”

Hence, “devices that launch with Android 13 have to come out with at least Android 12 5.4, so every device that launches with Android 13 will have an EROFS compatible kernel”, as he has pointed out.

With this, he has pointed out that Google has also brought EROFS support to its systems and, with it, has been able to build generic system images (GSI) and AVD configurations of Android devices.

Due to the implementation of these capabilities, Rahman has pointed out that Google has considered replace system the one it currently works with, EXT4, with EROFS for its file and read operations.

This developer has recalled that the company already suggested that it would start implementing this system in December and replace EXT4 on your Android 13 devices.

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